IT Services

Monday Consulting Services is a professional IT and business services organization specializing in application development, web and internet technologies, network solutions and project management. We built a reputation of providing "top tier" business solutions without sacrificing personalized service. Our team consists of professionals dedicated to providing solutions well suited for our clients and based on the best techniques and tools available.


We offer a full range of Web architecture and development services for Internet and Intranet applications. We can assist you in the design, development, implementation and support of your web site. In today's world of remote connectivity and support our combined expertise in database solutions, software development and networking can provide you with a secure flexible solution tailored to suit your needs.

Web/Internet Technologies

One of the key advantages we provide is the skill and depth of our software development skills. We have on our team several decades of custom software development experience. As our clients have migrated to new systems we have met their needs by working in a variety of programming environments. Our consulting group is a Certified Microsoft Provider and as such has the requisite knowledge to implement that vast array of Microsoft Business Solutions best suited for your organization.

Network Solutions

By leveraging our knowledge and experience we can design and implement a comprehensive network solution for your organization. We have extensive experience in the coordination and management of complete network installations for environments ranging from a few to a few hundred users. Our focus on functionality and efficiency provides you with the added assurance that your network needs will be met by our practical, detailed professionals.