Added Perks.

It is important for our associates to enjoy working at the firm. This is a place they want to go and spend time with people they like. To foster that environment, the firm supports a wide variety of social activities. Most of the events are selected and run by our associates. They determine what they like and how it should be done!

  • After-Busy-Season Luncheon - Everyone goes out for a long lunch to wind down from the busy season. Every year generates its own set of new stories which typically top the prior years. This is also our chance to provide recognition for jobs well done.
  • Baseball Game - An annual day at the ballpark for one and all is always a big hit!
  • Bowling - The annual bowling party started in New York and now takes place in Philadelphia also. An afternoon of team bowling and good food always gets competitive.
  • Golf Outing - This year the golf outing was held at Island Green Golf Club. After the long drives and high scores, there was an awards ceremony and dinner.
  • Holiday Party - The annual dinners for associates and guests are held at restaurants in Philadelphia and New York City. Recent locations have been Sparks Steak House in Midtown Manhattan and LaFamiglia in Center City Philadelphia.
  • Social Hours - These are periodic get-togethers for everyone to mix it up, unwind, tell war stories, and make friends.
  • Sporting Events - The firm provides tickets to the Yankees, Mets, Phillies and Sixers. A special treat is the Big East Tournament held each year at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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